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Watch Taylor Swift's Live Performance of "Timeless" in Denver

According to Christopher Nolan, the director of "Oppenheimer," the concerns raised by SAG-AFTRA and WGA about AI are justified, considering the chaotic state of streaming over the past 15 years. He asserts that companies are unwilling to take responsibility for the outcomes produced by algorithms.

RFK Jr. tries to retract controversial statements suggesting that COVID-19 was intentionally directed at specific ethnic groups.

The arrival of Messi sparks soccer fever in Inter Miami and America, as they eagerly welcome their newest soccer icon.

Rex Heuermann, the suspect in the Gilgo Beach murder case, is observed standing in an uncomfortable manner in a recently surfaced photograph from his high school drama club.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. implies that COVID-19 was intentionally created to protect Jews and Chinese individuals.

Elon Musk has reported a 50% decrease in Twitter's advertising revenue and stated that the company's cash flow is in the negative.

United Airlines pilots have reached a preliminary labor agreement that includes substantial raises of up to 40%.

Four individuals have tragically lost their lives in a mass shooting in an Atlanta suburb, and the suspect responsible for the incident is currently at large, according to an official statement.

An Alabama woman is currently missing after she pulled over on a highway to assist a child.