Mega Millions

The enormous jackpot set a new record as the largest lottery prize ever won in Illinois and the third largest lottery prize ever won in the United States.

Harold Mays, the Director of the Illinois Lottery, stated, "When it comes to a prize of such significant value, it is not uncommon for the winner to take some time before claiming it. I believe they are experiencing a variety of emotions."

Illinois Mega Millions players that take home jackpots over $250,000 have the option to stay anonymous, but Mays speculated that the winner might not even know they hold the jaw-dropping ticket.

You win the jackpot if all six of your numbers match the winning numbers.

NEWS$1.34B Mega Millions winner still hasn’t claimed prize after one month

In 2016, a Powerball prize of $1.586 billion had the highest jackpot of any American lottery game.