LA Law Enforcement Opposed Karen Bass. Now, She Aims to Increase Their Compensation

L.A. Mayor Karen Bass showed up at the Police Academy in Elysian Park for the graduation of 39 officers. (LA Mag)
LA Law Enforcement LOS ANGELES — The Los Angeles police union spent millions of bones trying to quash Karen Bass ...
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Hawaii’s Battle Over Firearms on its Beaches

Hawaii's Battle Over Firearms on its Beaches
Hawaii Battle In recent times, Hawaii has been embroiled in a heated debate over gun control, particularly concerning the prohibition ...
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Suspected of averting a major terrorist operation, 5 terrorists have been arrested in Bengaluru.

Suspected Apprehended In a significant development, five men have been apprehended in Bengaluru, Karnataka, on charges of engaging in seditious ...
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Wrongful Death Lawsuit In The Mallory Beach Settlement amounting to $15 million

Introduction In a recent development, the family of Mallory Beach has reached a settlement with Parker’s Corporation, bringing an end ...
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