LA Law Enforcement Opposed Karen Bass. Now, She Aims to Increase Their Compensation

L.A. Mayor Karen Bass showed up at the Police Academy in Elysian Park for the graduation of 39 officers. (LA Mag)
LA Law Enforcement LOS ANGELES — The Los Angeles police union spent millions of bones trying to quash Karen Bass ...
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Novorossiysk: Blasts and Gunfire Reported Near Russian Black Sea Port

Novorossiysk, after a night attack by naval drones, the large Russian amphibious assault ship "Olenegorsky Gorniyak" was damaged
Novorossiysk, a Russian Black Sea port city, has recently made headlines as reports of multiple blasts and gunfire emerge. The ...
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Suspect Placed in Patrol Car Hit by Train Leads to Colorado Cop Being Found Guilty of Reckless Endangerment

Suspect - 20-year-old Yareni Rios-Gonzalez was inside the car after getting pulled over. (Credit: Platteville Police Department)
Introduction In a recent case that has garnered significant attention, a Colorado police officer has been found guilty of reckless ...
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Police K-9’s Attack on Unarmed Man

Police Ordering A Canine A disturbing video has surfaced showing a police officer in Ohio ordering a canine to attack ...
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Suspected of averting a major terrorist operation, 5 terrorists have been arrested in Bengaluru.

Suspected Apprehended In a significant development, five men have been apprehended in Bengaluru, Karnataka, on charges of engaging in seditious ...
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The Long Island Serial Killer Case: Unraveling a 13-Year Mystery

Rex Heuermann (inset) and the site of the bodies (Suffolk County Police Department/Bonjour Realty/YouTube) The Long Island serial killer remained ...
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Long Island Serial Killer: Unraveling a Decade-Long Mystery

The Long Island Serial Killer suspect has been arrested and taken into custody.
The Investigation Resumes with a $25,000 Reward Long Island Serial Killer: The search for the continues as authorities offer a ...
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