North Star Commemoration: Harry Truman’s Legacy and America’s Promise

North Star - President Joe Biden speaks in the South Court Auditorium on the White House Campus, Thursday,...

President Joe Biden speaks in the South Court Auditorium on the White House Campus, Thursday, July 27, 2023, in Washington. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)(AP)


In this article, we reflect on a pivotal moment in American history when President Harry Truman made courageous decisions that set the nation on a path towards justice and equality. We commemorate the significance of his actions and explore the journey towards a more perfect union that continues to this day.

The Young Boy and President Truman

Joe Biden, the author of this speech, shares a personal connection to the legacy of Harry Truman. As a young boy standing on a street corner in Scranton, Pennsylvania, Biden made eye contact with President Truman, an encounter that left a lasting impact on him. He considers it a moment of destiny, a North Star guiding him towards his future.

Harry Truman: A Legacy of Sacrifice

Harry Truman, the 33rd President of the United States, was a man of humble beginnings, born in Missouri to a family with Confederate sympathies. However, he experienced a transformation in his views, driven by the valor of black veterans and the Civil Rights Movement. He felt a moral obligation to respond to the mistreatment of these brave soldiers and took significant steps towards ending segregation in the military.

The Unfinished Promise of America

Though America’s founding documents proclaimed equality for all, history reveals that the nation has not fully lived up to this promise. Discrimination and prejudice persisted, especially against people of color, women, and other marginalized communities. Harry Truman’s efforts to dismantle segregation were met with resistance, yet he persisted in his fight for equality.

America’s Diverse and Strong Military

The strength of the American military lies in its diversity, with people of various backgrounds, races, and genders serving together to defend the nation. This diversity has made the military more robust and capable, proving that unity out of many is essential for effective military operations.

The Fight for Justice Continues

While America has come a long way, there is still much work to be done. The recent Juneteenth federal holiday commemorates the emancipation of the last enslaved Americans, a reminder of the progress made and the journey ahead. The fight for justice, equality, and opportunity for all continues, and we must work together to ensure the fulfillment of America’s promise.

North Star: Embracing the Journey Towards Conclusion

President Truman’s legacy serves as a guiding light, encouraging us to strive for a more just and inclusive society. As we commemorate his actions, let us reflect on our history and repair the injustices of the past. By treating one another with decency and respect, reaching out to bridge divides, and acting together as a united nation, we can move closer to fulfilling the North Star—The concept of America that resonates within the hearts of its entire populace.

In closing, let us remain optimistic about America’s future and pray for the protection of our troops, as they serve and defend the values we hold dear. May we continue to move forward in the spirit of progress, embracing the North Star that guides us towards a better tomorrow.

May God bless America.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Commemorating the North Star: Harry Truman’s Legacy and America’s Promise

1. Who is the main focus of the article? 

The main focus of the article is President Harry Truman and his legacy of fighting for justice and equality, particularly through his efforts to desegregate the United States armed forces.

2. What is the significance of the encounter between Joe Biden and Harry Truman? 

The encounter between Joe Biden and Harry Truman, where they made eye contact, is considered a moment of destiny for Biden. He sees it as a guiding North Star that set him on a path towards his future, including becoming the President of the United States.

3. What were some of Harry Truman’s major accomplishments regarding civil rights?

Harry Truman’s major accomplishments in civil rights included creating the President’s Commission on Civil Rights, which led to the groundbreaking report “To Secure These Rights.” This report condemned segregation and outlined changes in law and policy to protect voting rights, prohibit discrimination in jobs, and desegregate the military, among other measures.

4. How did diversity impact the strength of the American military? 

Diversity in the American military, with individuals from various backgrounds, races, and genders, made it stronger and more capable. It showcased the unity out of many, emphasizing that diversity is a strength, not a weakness, contributing to successful military operations and readiness.

5. What is the significance of Juneteenth and its recent federal holiday status?

Juneteenth commemorates the emancipation of the last enslaved Americans and serves as a reminder of the progress made towards equality. Its recent designation as a federal holiday marks a significant milestone in recognizing and honoring this historical event.

6. How does the article conclude?

The article concludes with a call to action, urging readers to reflect on America’s history, repair past injustices, and work together towards a more just and inclusive society. It emphasizes the need to treat one another with respect, embrace diversity, and act united as a nation to fulfill the North Star—the idea of America that embodies the promise of equality and opportunity for all.

7. What is the message regarding the current state of the American military?

The article conveys that America has the strongest and toughest military force in the world, emphasizing its capability and readiness. It also highlights the importance of supporting military leaders and nominees to maintain military strength and effectiveness.

8. How does the author express optimism about America’s future? 

The author expresses optimism about America’s future by acknowledging the progress made towards equality and justice, and the potential for further positive change. The call for unity, respect, and working together indicates the belief that America can overcome challenges and fulfill its promise.

9. How does the article relate to the theme of “North Star”? 

The article uses the concept of the “North Star” as a metaphor for a guiding light towards justice, equality, and America’s ideals. It draws parallels between President Truman’s decisions to move towards the North Star of equality and the nation’s ongoing journey towards fulfilling its promise to treat all individuals with dignity and respect.

10. What is the final message of the article? 

The final message of the article is a call to action, encouraging readers to continue striving for a more just and inclusive society. By acknowledging the legacy of President Truman and embracing diversity and unity, America can move forward in the pursuit of its ideals, honoring its promise to be a nation that treats all individuals equally and with fairness.

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