🏆 Inter Miami CF Secures Spot in Leagues Cup Round of 16 with a ⚽ 3-1 Win Over Orlando City SC! 🌟

Introduction 🎉

In an exhilarating match filled with action and drama, Inter Miami CF emerged victorious with a sensational 3-1 win over Orlando City SC, ensuring their place in the prestigious Leagues Cup Round of 16. Led by the brilliance of ⚽ Lionel Messi, who scored two goals, and 💪 Josef Martínez, who added one more, Inter Miami showcased their attacking prowess and determination on the field. The match featured some intense moments, including a weather delay, but Inter Miami’s solid performance ensured they came out on top. Let’s dive into the details of how the game unfolded.

Lineup Notes 📋

Inter Miami CF fielded a strong starting lineup, with notable names like Lionel Messi, Sergio Busquets, and Benjamin Cremaschi. Drake Callender manned the goal, while DeAndre Yedlin, Sergii Kryvtsov, Kamal Miller, and Noah Allen formed the solid back four. Dixon Arroyo, Sergio Busquets, and Benjamin Cremaschi held the midfield, providing a stable foundation for the attacking players. Lionel Messi and Robert Taylor showcased their skills on the wings, supporting striker Josef Martínez upfront.

It is worth noting that Inter Miami CF maintained the same starting XI from their impressive 4-0 victory over Atlanta United in the Leagues Cup group stage. However, on this occasion, the team introduced new signings Jordi Alba and Diego Gómez on the bench, marking their presence in the matchday squad for the Round of 32 fixture.

Match Action ⚔️

The game saw an unusual delay of nearly 90 minutes due to adverse weather conditions. Nonetheless, once the action began, Inter Miami CF wasted no time in making their mark. In the seventh minute, Sergio Busquets played an incisive through ball to Benjamin Cremaschi, who quickly found Robert Taylor on the left wing. Taylor made a skillful cut inside, eluding the defense, and delivered a precise pass into the box for Lionel Messi. The Argentine superstar calmly controlled the ball on his chest before volleying it past the keeper, giving Inter Miami an early 1-0 lead.

Orlando City SC responded with determination and found the equalizer in the 17th minute. Drake Callender made an initial save, but the rebound fell to César Araújo, who made no mistake in finding the back of the net, leveling the score at 1-1.

The first half continued at a frenetic pace, with both teams creating opportunities and showcasing their attacking intent. Inter Miami CF dominated possession, while Orlando City SC remained a threat on the counter. However, the score remained tied at 1-1 as the teams headed into halftime.

The second half began with Inter Miami taking the lead once again. Benjamin Cremaschi delivered a perfectly timed through ball into the box for Josef Martínez, who was brought down by the opposition, resulting in a penalty. Martínez stepped up to take the spot-kick, executed a deceptive stutter step, and sent the goalkeeper the wrong way, restoring Inter Miami’s lead. This goal marked Josef Martínez’s seventh goal across all competitions in 2023, making him a key player for the team.

In the 64th minute, Inter Miami introduced their new signings, Diego Gómez and Jordi Alba, both making their debut for the club. Alba, a former teammate of Messi and Busquets at FC Barcelona, added experience and skill to the team’s defensive line, while Gómez brought youthful energy to the midfield. The substitutions added further depth and options to Inter Miami’s gameplay.

The decisive moment arrived in the 72nd minute when Lionel Messi orchestrated a beautiful attacking sequence. Messi played a well-timed pass to Robert Taylor on the left wing, who then crossed the ball to find Josef Martínez near the far post. With incredible composure, Martínez controlled the ball on his chest and laid it off perfectly for Messi, who struck a powerful right-footed shot into the bottom corner, extending the lead to 3-1. This impressive goal was Lionel Messi’s fifth for Inter Miami and his second consecutive brace since joining the team.

From thereon, Inter Miami CF continued to assert their dominance, maintaining an impressive 63.8% possession rate until the final whistle. Their strong performance and cohesive gameplay earned them a well-deserved 3-1 victory, delighting their home crowd at DRV PNK Stadium.

Post-Match Reaction 🗣️

Head coach Gerardo ‘Tata’ Martino expressed satisfaction with the team’s performance, emphasizing the importance of winning and the team’s progress in ball circulation and clinical finishing. He also highlighted the potential for defensive improvement to secure clean sheets and further bolster the team’s chances of scoring in every match.

Next Match 📅

With their place in the Leagues Cup Round of 16 secured, Inter Miami CF will now face FC Dallas at Toyota Stadium on Sunday, August 6. Fans can look forward to another exciting encounter as Inter Miami continues its journey in the competition.

Match Statistics 📊

  • Possession:
    • Inter Miami CF: 63.8%
    • Orlando City SC: 36.2%
  • Shots:
    • Inter Miami CF: 12
    • Orlando City SC: 11
  • Saves:
    • Inter Miami CF: 2
    • Orlando City SC: 2
  • Corners:
    • Inter Miami CF: 1
    • Orlando City SC: 5
  • Fouls:
    • Inter Miami CF: 13
    • Orlando City SC: 14
Inter Miami CF celebrating.


The thrilling encounter between Inter Miami CF and Orlando City SC resulted in an exhilarating 3-1 victory for Inter Miami, with Lionel Messi and Josef Martínez shining bright on the field. The team’s strong attacking display and possession dominance secured their spot in the Leagues Cup Round of 16. Inter Miami’s fans can now eagerly anticipate the next challenge as they face FC Dallas in the upcoming match. Head coach Gerardo ‘Tata’ Martino expressed contentment with the team’s performance and emphasized the importance of further improvement, setting the stage for an exciting continuation of the season.


1. Q: Who secured the victory in the match between Inter Miami CF and Orlando City SC?
  • A: Inter Miami CF secured a thrilling 3-1 victory over Orlando City SC.
2. Q: Who were the standout players in the match?
  • A: Lionel Messi and Josef Martínez were the standout players, with Messi scoring two goals and Martínez adding one more.
3. Q: Did the match experience any delays?
  • A: Yes, the match had an unusual delay of nearly 90 minutes due to adverse weather conditions.
4. Q: How did Inter Miami CF take the lead in the match?
  • A: In the seventh minute, Lionel Messi scored a beautiful goal after a precise pass from Robert Taylor.
5. Q: Did Orlando City SC manage to equalize during the match?
  • A: Yes, Orlando City SC found the equalizer in the 17th minute through César Araújo’s goal.
6. Q: Who made their debut for Inter Miami CF in the match?
  • A: New signings Diego Gómez and Jordi Alba made their debut for Inter Miami CF during the game.
7. Q: How did the second half start for Inter Miami CF?
  • A: Inter Miami CF reclaimed the lead in the opening moments of the second half through a penalty converted by Josef Martínez.
8. Q: What was Lionel Messi’s overall performance in the match?
  • A: Lionel Messi was outstanding, scoring two goals and showcasing his skill on the field.
9. Q: What is the possession rate of Inter Miami CF in the match?
  • A: Inter Miami CF dominated possession with an impressive 63.8% possession rate.
10. Q: What are Inter Miami CF’s plans for the next match?
  • A: Inter Miami CF will face FC Dallas in the Leagues Cup Round of 16 on Sunday, August 6.

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