Elon Musk’s Twitter Changes for Ad Revenue Sharing Program

Elon Musk/Twitter

Elon Musk

Elon has made significant changes to Twitter following the introduction of an ad revenue sharing program that rewards creators. He has addressed issues regarding eligibility, policies, and rate limits to improve the user experience and increase engagement.

Changes to Eligibility for Monetization

Not all creators were able to monetize their accounts under Twitter’s ad revenue sharing program. Musk acknowledged this and indicated that he would be changing the rules to allow more creators, even those with accounts related to animals or fictional characters.

Removing Ridiculous Policies

Musk responded to a user who couldn’t monetize their account because it was about a bagel. He declared that the policy restricting such profiles was deleted, signaling a more inclusive approach.

Increasing Rate Limit for Authorized Users

Another user expressed dissatisfaction with the rate limit that prevented them from interacting with their followers. Musk assured them that the rate limit for authorized users would be increased by 50% to enhance their experience on the platform.

Ad Revenue Sharing for Profile Page Views

Musk announced that Twitter would soon share ad revenue from profile page views, which would significantly increase payouts for creators. However, this sharing would only apply to views from verified users to prevent manipulation of the view count.

Twitter’s Competition and Incentivizing Content Creators

Twitter faces competition from Meta’s Threads, but its advantage lies in not serving ads within Threads. Musk’s platform aims to incentivize content creators to remain on Twitter, boosting engagement and offering higher payouts.

Note: This article is a summary of recent changes made by Elon Musk on Twitter and does not represent the official stance of the platform.

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