Dodgers’ Playoff Push: The Crucial Roles of James Outman and Bobby Miller, the Last Rookies Standing

Key Points

  • Youth movement: The Dodgers began the season with a focus on young talents.
  • Veteran acquisitions: Five experienced players were added to the roster.
  • Remaining rookies: James Outman and Bobby Miller are the last rookies standing.
  • Bobby Miller’s journey: He navigates a steep learning curve, seeking consistency.
  • James Outman’s resurgence: Overcoming struggles, he refines his approach.
  • Adaptability: Outman’s selectiveness leads to improved performance.
  • Resilience: Miller’s process improvement showcases his potential.
  • Pitching versatility: Miller’s expanded repertoire sets him apart.
  • Postseason prospects: Miller’s trajectory points toward a postseason role.
  • Emerging talents: Michael Grove and promising prospects contribute to the team’s depth.
  • Experienced presence: The Dodgers pivot toward a more veteran lineup.
  • Playoff push: Miller and Outman are poised to make an impact in the playoffs.


The Los Angeles Dodgers embarked on the current baseball season with a resounding declaration of a youth movement. However, as the days dwindle and the stakes grow higher, the youthful charm might soon be represented by only two remaining rookies – one commanding the outfield and the other taking the mound.

Los Angeles Dodgers' James Outman, right celebrates with teammate David Peralta after hitting a home run.
Dodgers outfielder James Outman, right, celebrates with teammate David Peralta after hitting a home run during the second inning on Friday in San Diego. (Gregory Bull / Associated Press)

The Dodgers have paraded a total of 11 players holding rookie status throughout this season, witnessing seven promising prospects make their awe-inspiring Major League Baseball debuts since the opening days of the year. Yet, the narrative has evolved swiftly. The Dodgers, once defined by their youthful exuberance, are now adorned with the seasoned wisdom of five veteran acquisitions, strategically drafted to fortify their roster depth just before the trade deadline.

Rookies at the Forefront: Outman and Miller

In the midst of this transformation, two rookies stand tall, their roles burgeoning in significance – outfielder James Outman and the dynamic Bobby Miller.

Dodgers lineup at Padres

The fate of the Dodgers’ journey rests significantly on the shoulders of these two rookies as they step into the spotlight during the crucial final stretch of the season.

The Evolution of Bobby Miller: Navigating a Steep Learning Curve

Bobby Miller finds himself perched upon a steep learning curve, merely two and a half months removed from his inaugural call-up to the Major Leagues. His debut showcased promise, surrendering a mere two runs across his first four starts. Yet, the road since then has been a tumultuous one, marred by a struggle to conjure consistent outcomes.

Dodgers pitcher Bobby Miller works against a San Diego Padres batter.
Dodgers pitcher Bobby Miller works against a San Diego Padres batter during the second inning on Friday in San Diego. (Gregory Bull / Associated Press)

A shadow has loomed over his recent performances, as reflected in his 6.25 earned run average (ERA) across his last eight appearances, further exacerbated by a season-long ERA of 4.26. His high-velocity pitches have managed to secure a league-average strikeout rate of 23.3%, failing to fully exploit his remarkable arsenal. Additionally, the recent weeks have witnessed a decline in his endurance, with only one of his past four starts seeing him through the fifth inning.

Manager Dave Roberts concedes that there’s substantial room for growth in Miller’s journey, attributing his challenges to his limited experience.

Unveiling the Resilience: Bobby Miller’s Process Improvement

Amidst the trials, the Dodgers are invigorated by the metamorphosis witnessed in Bobby Miller’s approach. A marked reduction in walks issued – merely four in his last 30 innings pitched – stands as a testament to his meticulous improvement. However, it’s the expansion of his pitching repertoire that truly commands attention. Since joining the Dodgers in late May, Miller has flirted with diverse slider variations, artfully complementing his blazing 100-mph fastball.

Mark Prior, the diligent pitching coach, sheds light on this intriguing versatility, making it an arduous task for opponents to predict Miller’s game plan. The concoction of heavy two-seamers, four-seamers, curveballs, and sliders paints an intricate canvas that leaves hitters grappling with uncertainty.

This distinct quality sets Miller apart from his rookie peers, enabling him to carve a niche within the Dodgers’ pitching lineup. His performance has been sufficiently laudable, boasting the third-best ERA within a somewhat underwhelming Dodgers rotation. More importantly, Miller’s trajectory points skywards, placing him firmly in contention for a pivotal role in the postseason rotation.

The Triumph of James Outman: A Midseason Rebirth

James Outman’s narrative is one of redemption, a tale of resurgence amid adversity. An April revelation earned him the distinguished title of “Rookie of the Month.” However, subsequent months cast shadows of doubt as his batting average plummeted to .192 and strikeouts amassed to a daunting 60 within 166 plate appearances in May and June.

A transformative period commenced in July, as Outman embarked on a journey to recalibrate his approach at the plate. The league’s strategic shift in pitching against him demanded adaptability, and adapt he did. A conscious effort to curtail strikeouts and elevate contact rates bore fruit, culminating in a .321 batting average across his preceding 26 games.

Decoding the Transformation: James Outman’s Shift in Approach

Outman divulges his midseason renaissance secret – a heightened selectiveness in his plate approach. April’s buoyant confidence was marked by an eagerness to attack anything hittable. However, as May and June unfolded, the confidence wavered, though the strategy didn’t. The turning point lay in discernment – a more astute selection of pitches.

Manager Dave Roberts affirms that Outman’s unshakeable demeanor during challenging times was pivotal. His ability to embrace levity amid struggles showcased a profound trait, a quality that resonates profoundly with a young player. Rather than succumbing to frustration, Outman maintained a resilient spirit, even finding room for humor amidst the slump.

The Enduring Value: James Outman’s Multi-faceted Contribution

While James Outman’s role may shift towards a platoon arrangement following the recent acquisitions of right-handed hitters, his significance remains steadfast. A .250 batting average ranks him sixth within the team, coupled with an on-base-plus-slugging percentage (OPS) of .781, surpassing the league’s average benchmark. His defensive prowess has also undergone a marked improvement, a testament to his dedicated efforts in rectifying earlier misjudgments and errors.

Manager Roberts extols Outman’s consistency, with his defense shining brilliantly in recent weeks. This synchronization of exceptional batting performances and remarkable defensive plays embodies the resilience and adaptability that characterizes this promising young player.

Beyond the Horizon: Emerging Prospects and a Season of Transition

As the season’s climax beckons, the Dodgers’ roster continues to evolve. A resolute Michael Grove, despite his recent stint on the injured list, stands as a versatile bullpen asset, a potential pairing with the newly acquired Ryan Yarbrough. Furthermore, the rich tapestry of emerging talents unfolds in the form of Gavin Stone, Ryan Pepiot, and Landon Knack, adding depth to the Dodgers’ triple-A rotation.

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